Concerned parents frequently ask their pediatricians and allergists how to introduce peanuts to their infants.  Unfortunately, there has only been vague guidance. 

After attending numerous allergy conferences and symposiums, one allergist had a novel idea…


Hello, Peanut!™ 

Hello, Peanut™ enables parents to easily and gradually introduce small amounts of peanut to their infant, as early as five months of age, over the course of seven days.  It is designed to be mixed into first stage foods, and thus can be presented much earlier than other peanut products.  After the introductory week, the Hello, Peanut!™ maintenance packets are recommended for infants until they can eat peanut in spread or whole form.

Hello, Peanut!™ is geared toward the general infant population. High risk infants (history of eczema and/or existing food allergy) need to be evaluated by their pediatrician or allergist prior to peanut introduction. 

Hello, Peanut!™ is not designed to treat or cure any form of food allergy.