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Did you know you should be introducing your infant to peanuts before six months of age? 


Scientific research shows early introduction of peanuts to infants helps prevent peanut allergies from developing. 

  (NIAID 2017, LEAP Study, LEAP-On Study, EAT Study)

Hello, Peanut! is an innovative way to thoughtfully introduce peanuts to infants EARLY. 

It is the only system available that is allergist recommended and USDA certified organic.

Be proactive about early peanut introduction!



Hello, Peanut!™ was created by an allergist who wanted to offer parents a simple solution to peanut introduction.  This guided system removes the question many parents face, "How should I introduce my baby to peanuts?" Until now, there has not been an easy way to introduce babies to peanuts, and parents have been left with minimal guidance.


The Hello, Peanut!™  system is the solution. 

Made of an all-natural USDA certified organic blend of peanut and sprouted oats, the Hello, Peanut! system is comprised of the Introduction Kit and the Maintenance Kit. The Introduction Kit includes seven packets that are mixed into stage one foods over the course of seven days.  The amount of peanut in each packet gradually increases each day. The Maintenance Kit includes packets which are recommended for use up to three times weekly.

Hello, Peanut!™ is an innovative food product that offers parents

a simple way to introduce babies to peanuts early. 


Early introduction to peanuts is the approach recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics.



Hello, Peanut! The solution for early peanut introduction

Day 1 : Tear open packet labeled day 1. Pour content of Day 1 packet into baby's meal. Feed your baby right away. Discard leftovers.

Hello, Peanut! The solution for early peanut introduction

Day 2 : Tear open packet labeled day 2. Pour content of Day 2 packet into baby's meal. feed your baby right away. Discard leftovers.

Hello, Peanut! The solution for early peanut introduction

Day 3-7 : Repeat steps as above with packets labeled Day 3 through Day 7. 

Hello, Peanut! The solution for early peanut introduction

One Week Later : Use the packets labeled Maintenance as above. Continue to use Maintenance Packets (sold separately), up to three times weekly, until your baby can eat peanuts in spread or whole form. 

Hello, Peanut! The solution for early peanut introduction


Concerned parents frequently ask their pediatricians and allergists how to introduce peanuts to their infants.  Unfortunately, there has only been vague guidance. 

After attending numerous allergy conferences and symposiums, one allergist had a novel idea…


Hello, Peanut!™ 

Hello, Peanut™ enables parents to easily and gradually introduce small amounts of peanut to their infant, as early as five months of age, over the course of seven days.  It is designed to be mixed into first stage foods, and thus can be presented much earlier than other peanut products.  After the introductory week, the Hello, Peanut!™ maintenance packets are recommended for infants until they can eat peanut in spread or whole form.

Hello, Peanut!™ is geared toward the general infant population. High risk infants (history of eczema and/or existing food allergy) need to be evaluated by their pediatrician or allergist prior to peanut introduction. 

Hello, Peanut!™ is not designed to treat or cure any form of food allergy.